Towards Comprehensive Law for Combating VAWG in the South Mediterranean

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This brief sheds light on areas of combating violence against women and girls (VAWG) and focuses on legal reform needed to prevent and combat it. The analysis for the situation of VAWG provided in this brief is based on the explorative study1 conducted by the Regional Observatory on VAWG in 2020 and the regional index on VAWG.

The brief summarises the study and its findings pertaining to legislation. The brief is intended to provide recommendations to governments to improve the laws based on informed decisions and to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to advocate and contribute to the change. To combat VAWG, the brief recommends reforming the legal framework by removing discriminatory articles and adopting a specific and comprehensive law on VAWG in which all forms of violence are mentioned as defined in United Nations legal and policy instruments and are comprehensively criminalised.

Such law should also ensure prevention, protection, remedies for survivors of VAWG, prosecution of perpetrators and provide for collaboration between concerned parties as well as information gathering. Adopting a specific and comprehensive law is instrumental for the fight against VAWG: it provides legal means for women and girls against all the forms of violence they may face and also guides the reform of the entire legal framework.


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